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Hi, I'm Rachel Pierman, founder & CEO of CraftyMonkies & the creator/host/producer of the Breaking The Blocks podcast!

Pic shows the Breaking The Blocks podcast host Rachel Pierman

So who is Rachel and why did she begin this Podcast adventure?


Originally from Yorkshire, in 1996 I set off in search of an Oscar via the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. I was convinced an actor's life was for me. I haven't (as yet, never say never) received the Oscar I dreamt of as a kid, but I've had a successful career as a TV presenter and voice-over artist in the last 25 years. Creativity has always followed me around; my husband is a graphic designer, my Dad was a keen photographer and model maker, Mum was a machinist and Gran taught me to bake, and so in 2020 I started a company called CraftyMonkies, a place where people can come together online and in-person to pursue their creative passions from around the world. In addition to all this, I'm also a wife to my husband of 21 years and mum to one incredible human being, Maddison (age 18 at the last count).


I've faced my own 'blocks' throughout my life (child of divorced parents, abandonment issues, fear of failure, etc) particularly in the last three years whilst building my business during the Covid pandemic and losing my Dad to cancer in 2023. Throughout all this, I've heard amazing stories from the artists and classmates I've been working with about their challenges and felt the need to share these inspirational stories with the wider world with the aim of not only entertaining you, but perhaps help you to understand and heal your own difficulties.


You might just find your true soul's purpose and live a happier, more contented life by listening to this podcast and then ‘breaking YOUR blocks'. Imagine that? It's possible!


So lovely listener/viewer, I would be honoured if you would please Subscribe to my podcast, drop comments and share you stories on our platforms if you feel able. I really believe that through sharing, listening and talking we can change so much about ourselves for the better...

Thank you for taking time out today - let's go break those blocks!

p.s If you want to see my telly things click below:

This pics shows the Breaking The Blocks host Rachel Pierman in conversation with a group of creative individuals

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