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This pic shows the Breaking The Blocks podcast logo and title; podcast hosted by Rachel Pierman
Welcome to the Breaking The Blocks Podcast hosted by Rachel Pierman!


This Breaking The Blocks podcast offers unscripted, truthful and at times downright raw conversations about how life can be so tough to navigate.

After facing blocks throughout her life and, at times, very difficult emotionally challenging situations, CraftyMonkies CEO Rachel Pierman felt the need to explore this further with a wide variety of individuals to learn about their life's journey & how they've overcome some difficult challenges.


When you face obstacles like these, how do you break them down? Listen in - you might just find something that helps you break your own blocks, whatever those blocks might be...

This pic shows the Breaking The Blocks podcast host Rachel Pierman and guests

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Pic shows an iMac featuring the Live Events and Online Interactive Workshop website, created by Rachel Pierman

Learn more about Rachel's parent company, the global crafting success which is CraftyMonkies:-

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